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A Safe Way to Give Your Bird Independence Outdoors

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First Originally Designed Bird Harness

If you have tried using bird collars to allow your pet to go outside with you, you've probably realized that not all of them are safe or comfortable. We have done lots of research to find out what works best. FRED BIRD & COMPANY in Cottonwood, California, produces a bird harness that allows you to feel safe taking your pet outside. Veterinarians have approved our product, and bird travel is now simpler than ever. The next time you want to walk to the park, head to a barbecue, or go camping with your bird, try our bird harness. Don't restrict what your bird does naturally—let him fly. Our products are available nationwide, so shop online today.

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Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your bird play outside in their natural environment. To make bird travel easier, we have created a bird leash that successfully secures most bird types without discomfort, skin damage, or feather tearing.

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If your bird is young, our collar is a great way to protect your bird outdoors. Try our harness for safe handling of your bird. If you truly want to protect your birds and still have fun with them ,you need to check us out.

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I have had parrots for 40+ years and like to see them in flight and so i invented a bird harness for my bird after several designs and then tested them for days, weeks, months and had the birds wear these and live in them with vet visits, they then wore them for 1 full year only removing them for bathing and never experienced, reported, or showed signs of feather or skin damage we put them on the market in 1988. The only complaint we ever had was the wrong size for the bird and so we happily guarantee the size of our harnesses for every bird.

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