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Kaylor Collar Bird Harness for
Fun and Flight Previously Featured in Pet Bird Report and Bird Talk!

Take your pal to the park, a barbecue, or camping in relative safety.

If you have a young bird or one that you can scratch and touch under its wings,
over its back, then this may be just the thing for you.

Read what people are saying about the Kaylor Collar Bird Harness

"This harness must not be used unsupervised. If you have a young bird or one that is used to being handled, this could be the very thing for you to take your bird out and about in relative safety. If your bird is not easy to handle, this may not be for you."

Dr. Mark Ditsworth, (Avian veterinarian) while observing the birds wearing the Kaylor Collar Harness stated that he "saw that the harness left no skin or feather damage, due to the nature of how it was designed." Follow the instructions, and use common sense and you to will have no problems using this safe harness with your pets.

Safety Notice:
If your bird is not easy to handle, we don't advise it. This harness is intended for pleasure and fun with your pal, not to be used for discipline or restraint!

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